Senior Fraud and Business Analyst

An award-winning professional with 15+ years of experience in managing fraud-related operations and mitigating risks. Running a well known organizations Linkyou Inc and Yemeni Canadian Club located in Canada.​

Mr Adil is such an inspiration for all Canadian people. He's doing a a lot of hard work for Yemenis with his organization. We truly believes him as our leader.

Abdel Rehman

Yemeni Canadians Club ( Member )

About ADIL AL-serri

Senior Business Analyst From Canada

I have solid expertise in fraud-related operations management, fraud identification and mitigation, risk assessment, and data/trend analysis within the telecommunication industry.

I have a proven history of success in identifying and inspecting fraud cases, recommending courses of actions, analyzing high-risk business relationships, and maximizing restitution efforts to achieve multimillion-dollar funding recoveries.

Connect with me today to find out how I’ll make your mission my mission, to help bring ALL of your business objectives into focus! Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work—I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances.


Professional Experience of life

Fraud Prevention

☛ Prepared reporting, documentation and potential resolutions for security issues.

Business Center Coordination

☛  Liase with IT to ensure that all the equipment is technologically current, convenient and in working order.

Settlement Counseling

☛ Assisted in interpretation, paperwork and translation of orientation and information materials.

Interim Manager

☛ Prepared and presented investigation reports and business cases to departmental managers to secure their buy-in for needed changes.

President ( Yemeni Canadian Club )

☛ Coordinate client’s schedules in cooperation with other staff to ensure all necessary tasks are
completed and services provided.

Fraud cases




Most Valuable Words



We had a great experience in working together as in Yemeni Canadian Club. Adil is such a nice guy. He is too focused in his whole life.

Hassani Waheed


I always enjoyed with working him. Mr Adil AL Serri is a leading role of Canadian Muslims who fought for Yemenis.


Dubai Recruitment

Mr adil is running such an awesome organization in the face of Dubai Recruitment. I've got my dream job in dubai after getting in touch with dubai recruitment. Thank you so much !!

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