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I've 11 years of professional social media and web development. I've a passion for getting people together through Social Media that’s why I've a huge network of over million members between Facebook and LinkedIn with some of his groups that has over 600,000 members. I has also created several websites for his huge network and his mean purpose was to help others either by the job sites he created e.g. JobGulf.net, DubaiRec.com etc… or by the Social Cause sites like YemenCrises.com, YemenCommunity.ca etc.., most of his websites are shown on one of his main sites Canadians.life. I've also done a lot of volunteer jobs and currently I'm the President of Yemen Canadian Community in Toronto, Founder & President of Yemen Canadian Club and Founder & President of Arab Canadian Club leading over five thousand Canadians families. Has appeared several times on newspaper and TV interviews also been honoured by Canadian members of parliaments dealing with old and new Canadian government and member of parliaments with several issues for the community around Canada. On the other side he works on contracts basis with Telecommunication in North America as Senior Fraud and Security Consultant worked with Rogers Communication TELUS Communication, Shaw Communication and Time Warner Telecom also worked with International Companies and invited as a Speaker in Several International Telecom Conferences

Achievement on Student Ambassador

Got this ceritificate from RoyaI University for a volunteering at the Career Development event at my University

In Depth Introduction

I have solid expertise in fraud-related operations management, fraud identification and mitigation, risk assessment, and data/trend

analysis within the telecommunication industry. I have a proven history
of success in identifying and inspecting fraud cases, recommending courses of actions, analyzing high-risk business relationships, and maximizing restitution efforts to achieve multimillion-dollar funding recoveries.

I possess solid proficiencies in detecting fraudulent activities, establishing new systems, preventing losses, and implementing fraud policies.

I am talented in performing user acceptance testing, meeting client requirements, arranging functional requirement documents, and streaming revenues.
The followings are the highlight of my entire job history:

✪I minimized potential losses by monitoring and analyzing any possible fraud due to technical weaknesses, operational procedures, product defects, sales mechanisms, customer usage/behaviour, and taking preventive action.

✪ I achieved rank of one of the top three collectors in 2009 and top collector in August 2010 at Rogers Communications.

I excel at providing exceptional planning and time-management expertise and driving optimal organizational performance. While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them, my passion is for delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved! Connect with me today to find out how I’ll make your mission my mission, to help bring ALL of your business objectives into focus! Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work—I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances.​

Achievement on Yemeni Canadian Community

Got this ceritificate from Yemeni Canadian Community to serve me honour and humble with positive difference

Recognition Certificate from Member of Parliament Mike Sullivan, MP